You’re familiar with supply and demand, right?

I like to think of it like this:

At Christmas time, there is always the hottest toy that every kid wants…..and what happens to the price of it?

Right, it goes up.

And what about in February? All those shipments finally come in and the stores have them lined up on two aisles! But what happens then? Plenty in stock and Christmas is over! So what happens to the price now?

Right, it goes down.

So how does this apply to the housing market? The exact same way! The Law of Supply and Demand is an Economic Law we can’t escape from.

You need a trusted professional to study the local market you are living or interested in, daily. We watch the inventory, average price, and time on market to tell you what is happening in Oklahoma, your city, or even your neighborhood.

Armed with this specific, up-to-date knowledge, you will know the trends and stats so well you are able to take advantage of them instead of being beat by them.

The housing market is always in flux, and so are mortgage interest rates. The cost of borrowing money is on the rise, so while considering how and when to invest in your next home or other real estate, let’s talk. And make a decision to take action that will create a huge “WIN” for you right now — whatever the market may be.