What is the last GREAT movie you saw? Wasn’t it incredible to sit back and be guided into and through the entire experience?

Buying a home should be just like that. And you get to be the star in the production!

So let’s get this movie started…

Who is your supporting cast?

The team you work with sets the stage, directs each scene and inspires a standing ovation. You deserve to be guided through the experience of purchasing a home with a seasoned crew who will conduct your business smoothly.

During your Home Buying Consultation with Omni Properties Group will set expectations, show you the roles everyone plays in the production and share with you the official trailer of “The Journey of YOU: Becoming a Home Owner.”

Loan officer = Best Executive Producer

An experienced and savvy loan expert is the KEY to a smooth and stress free purchase. Like every great supporting actor, they will be there from the opening scene, all the way to the grand finale.

Imagine being on stage, ready to put on the show and being 100% confident you have an experienced expert behind the scenes making sure all the timing, lighting, music and people are exactly where they need to be. This is your home loan specialist. They let you know exactly what is needed, what to do, when to do it, and what comes next throughout the journey by getting you what you need to buy: THE MONEY!

At Omni Properties, we have a list of incredible loan officers for you to work with, or we would love to work with one you have already teamed up with!

When we have found the best home for you and negotiated a “win” on your contract, we will add more members to the crew!

Your Home Inspectors = Have Your Back

The value of a good home inspector is priceless. In making this investment, you want to know exactly what you’re buying. The home inspection happens AFTER you are under contract. You have a time frame that allows you to conduct reviews and inspections on the home to insure you know exactly what you’re purchasing. We will help you hire and schedule the best inspectors and use their reports to request the most important repairs be done before you move in.

In the movies, there are often plot twists, and the best supporting cast always get the star back on track! Your team at Omni Properties Group and the inspection companies are there to do just that.

Title Company = Writes The Happy Ending

The title company (AKA: The Closing Company) is the researcher, fact checker and organizer to guarantee the whole story makes sense. They work to get the title to the property free and clear for purchase, assist with the purchase of title insurance (a one time fee that insures no one else has laid claim to owning the property, or if needed, handle the process on your behalf). The title company is also where all of the payments will be processed in association with your transaction and the deed recorded in your name. Your lender with fund the loan to the title company, and your down payment will be paid to them. You will sign all of your paperwork, close on your loan and receive your keys at the title company as well!

Time, effort and service are done on your behalf when you put the right team in place. The best movies have the best cast to create a perfect story, don’t they?

The best way to decide if you want to watch it? Watch the preview by scheduling your consult with us! Allow us to walk you through your own buying journey, set the stage and get your crew in place.

Curious what the critics think? Check out our reviews from those who have already made their movie with us.

Jennifer Rush is Omni Properties Lead Buyer Specialist. Learn more about Jennifer here.