Meghan Fife-Boswell

Meghan Fife-Boswell

Founder & Real Estate Consultant

  • Cell: 405-517-1877
  • Office Location: Norman, OK

About Meghan Fife-Boswell

I’ve always enjoyed working, creating, building and making things better. When I decided totake my career to the next level by building a real estate sales business I knew that meant 110% of my focus had to be on delivering the kind of service and results the public demanded. This means, every day, we are bending, learning and shaping our service and marketing plans to meet the market right where its at. 

Since starting the business in September of 2013, we have been able to serve over 300 families and help bridge the gap from where they were to where they want to be. I am ready to take on the next 80, 800 and 8,000 because I believe what we have to offer truly IS 10x better than everything else out there. Simply because we care and choose to not take a black and white approach to the way you buy and sell real estate. 

Looking forward to meeting you!


Homes Sold as of August 14, 2018